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How to choose high power pulse capacitor?

High-power pulse capacitors were made of thin film materials a long time ago. One is that the size is too large, the other is that the voltage is not high, and the third is that the life is short. So now scientists generally choose ceramic capacitors. The choice of ceramic materials often requires extreme caution!

Because users often need to use multiple capacitors in series and parallel, they will require the use of capacitors with larger capacities. But there is a Mao Dun: the larger the capacity, the greater the dielectric constant, the high-frequency characteristics of such ceramic capacitors The worse! For example, our commonly used Y5T ceramic medium, even if the capacity is not small, the commonly used model is 50KV5000PF. But there is a problem: this is a dynamic high-frequency material, not suitable for pulse-type applications.

There is also a real commonly used, N4700 type ceramic medium. At present, the domestic general can achieve a pulse life of 20,000 to 50,000 times. At present, Meizhi Company can achieve 60,000 times. This is the highest level in China. But Obviously this is not user satisfaction. Customers often want to use it repeatedly, preferably with a lifespan of 100,000 times, or even 1 million times.

So, are there high-voltage ceramic capacitors with a million-time life? The answer is yes. The high-voltage capacitors of MZS-PC medium, which is uniquely created by Meizhi Company, are the products whose pulse life exceeds one million times. This new ceramic medium is international The first, similar to electromagnetic guns, god-like lasers, and other weapons, repeatedly fired thousands of times a minute, with a super life of one million times.

This type of PC dielectric high-voltage ceramic capacitor is very suitable for use in devices above 100GHZ. Therefore, the top choice is it!

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