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Design scheme of 12KV outdoor voltage divider insulator

Customer requirements:

1. Rated voltage: 12KV AC;

2. Nominal capacity: 1720PF;

3. Use environment: outdoor, high-voltage hanging net, directly to the ground;

4. Electrical performance: holding voltage 42KV for two minutes, 75KV lightning impulse clearance;

5. Temperature characteristics: -40 degrees to +70 degrees, the temperature change rate is small;

6. Creepage distance: design safe distance;

The Amaizng Design:

1. Use GC medium with dielectric constant 320 as capacitor material;

2. The capacitor voltage is designed to be 12KV rated voltage;

3. The capacity is set to 1720PF;

4. In the range of -50 degrees to +125 degrees, the TC change rate of the capacitor is less than 5%;

5. The shell must be encapsulated with umbrella skirt epoxy;

The Appearance design:

The appearance of the capacitor adopts the existing lightning arrester mold, umbrella skirt design, epoxy resin encapsulation; the upper and lower ends are copper electrodes, the overall picture is as shown above.

The Factory test:

1. Pressure test: 42KV holding pressure for two minutes;

2. Partial discharge test: Partial discharge at 18KV AC test, less than 3PC;

3. High and low temperature test: at a constant temperature of -40 degrees or 85 degrees 6H, the shell does not appear cracked;

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