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Capacitance Transformer Capacitor MZC-CVD-582
Brief description:

The capacitor partial energy extraction insulator developed by our company uses a large-capacity high-voltage ceramic capacitor MZC-CVD-582 as the high-voltage side capacitor, which is suitable for providing energy in 12KV power equipment. This scheme adopts the separated structure of high voltage side and low voltage side, which is convenient for users to choose low voltage independently.

Appearance design:

This solution applies the mold of our company's SF6 gas pillar insulator MZ-CVT-122-A, which is suitable for 12KVAC voltage application. The appearance of this product is an umbrella skirt structure with different copper inserts at both ends. The input ends are two M10 copper screw holes, and any hole is conductive. There are five holes on the other side, the small hole in the center is a low-voltage hole, and the other four holes are used for grounding and fixing purposes.

Capacitor configuration:

Rated voltage: 12KVAC;

Nominal capacity: 5800PF ¡À 10%;

Pressure resistance: 42KVAC two-minute holding pressure;

Lightning shock: 15 shocks for each of 75KV positive and negative;

Temperature range: -25 ¡æ + 70 ¡æ;

Purchase model: MZC-CVD-582

Delivery Method:

1. Purchase ceramic core of capacitor, model is MZC-CVD-582A, diameter is 62MM, height is 25MM;

2. Purchase finished high-voltage insulators, model MZC-CVD-582B, diameter 78.5MM, height 75MM;

Application note:

This high-voltage insulator is the high-voltage end of the energy transformer. The capacity of the low-voltage capacitor is determined by the required low voltage. The low-voltage capacitor can be equipped according to the user's requirements for low voltage. If there is no special requirement, the low voltage provided by our company is 220V, and the low voltage capacity is 0.22U. Considering the user's power requirements, the larger the power requirement, the better. In fact, the power provided by the high-voltage capacitor is only about 2W, so there is a problem of insufficient use. It is recommended that the user do power amplification to the desired result. The company does not involve this part.

package instruction:

The small package is a set of three, with special pearl cotton fixed, three low-voltage capacitors inside, with product test report and factory certificate.

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