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The voltage division principle of capacitor voltage transformer(CVT)

Capacitor divider consists of porcelain sleeve and multiple series capacitors. The porcelain sleeve is filled with insulating oil that maintains a positive pressure of 0.1 MPa, and a steel bellows is used to balance different environments to maintain oil pressure. The capacitor partial pressure can be used as a coupling capacitor connecting carrier device. Capacitor voltage transformer is mainly composed of capacitor divider and medium voltage transformer. The medium voltage transformer consists of a transformer installed in the sealed oil tank, a compensating reactor and a damping device, and the space at the top of the fuel tank is filled with nitrogen. The primary winding is divided into a main winding and a fine-tuning winding, and a low-loss reactor is connected in series between the primary side and the primary winding. Since the nonlinear impedance and inherent capacitance of the capacitor voltage transformer sometimes cause ferromagnetic resonance in the capacitor voltage transformer, the damping device is used to suppress the resonance. The damping device is composed of a resistor and a reactor, and is connected across the secondary winding. Above, under normal circumstances, the damping device has a high impedance. When the ferromagnetic resonance causes an overvoltage, before the medium voltage transformer is affected, the reactor is saturated and only the resistive load is left, so that the oscillation energy is quickly reduced. A capacitor voltage transformer is a voltage transformer that draws a voltage from a series capacitor and then transforms it into a voltage source such as a meter or a relay protection. The capacitor voltage transformer can also couple the carrier frequency to the power line for long distance. Communication, remote measurement, selective line high frequency protection, remote control, teletype and so on. Therefore, compared with the conventional electromagnetic voltage transformer, Amazing capacitor voltage transformer has advantages of economy and safety, preventing ferromagnetic resonance due to saturation of the voltage transformer core.

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