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How long is the shelf life of high voltage ceramic capacitors? How to storage?

It exists that the problem of shelf life in ultra high voltage ceramic capacitors. Because such products are customized according to requirements, there is rarely a long-term inventory. But there is occasional Situation: Production of mantissa inventory. For example, if client has ordered 1000pcs capacitors, the actual production is 1020pcs. Then 20 of them may be in stock until the next order is needed. However, these products are often not universal and customized according to requirements. So, if the previous client does not place an new order, it is difficult to sell out. This saves to the next order.

So, how long can it be stored before using?

In fact, if clients place two or three orders in a year, how long to storage is not a problem. Because the ultra high voltage capacitor is different from the low-voltage ceramic capacitor, if low voltage ceramic capacitor isn't used in half or 1 year, it will cause discharge and leakage. While the ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitor is high in voltage, the crystal structure inside is not very stable, so it takes a long period of self-recovery. So the newly produced ultra-high voltage capacitor after being in stock for three months is the best.

However, it doesn't mean the longer self-recovery time is the better.  If it isn't used after 1 year, the leakage current will become larger. Therefore, the manufacturer should perform charge and discharge tests during the storage period every three month, this is the most reliable way.

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