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How to ensure the distance between poles of

The problem of the interelectrode distance of high-voltage capacitors is explained in the above ninth article. However, there are still users who will entangle this problem. Because they will emphasize that we have strict requirements on the assembly space of the product or the size of the capacitor! For this insistence, we It means nothing. Because the discharge distance must be guaranteed, the voltage and capacity of the capacitor must also be guaranteed. The science is rigorous and cannot be compromised or sought.

A customer wants to use our 500KV capacitor directly in the air, and the highest pulse voltage may reach 1000KV. Ask us: Is it OK? We told him: This is not feasible. According to their application, put it directly into the air, First, the height of the discharge distance should be guaranteed. In this way, the height of the capacitor must be no less than 1 m2. At the same time, the height of the ground should be guaranteed when applied. Because the voltage is as high as 1000 KV, the lower end of the capacitor must be off the ground. The height of about 1 meter is safe. This is the guarantee of the distance between the poles and the protection of the polar distance.

In addition to the requirements of this distance, we must also ensure the thickness of the epoxy, the umbrella structure of the capacitor casing. These are the real safety measures. UHV applications can not be sloppy. So don't sacrifice the design of the capacitor to be yourself. Equipment considerations, not worth it, will not succeed. I hope users will fully consider our suggestions!

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