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Accelerator Ultra thin High Voltage Pulse Capacitor

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China General Nuclear Power Group (English abbreviation: CGN), China's central enterprise with nuclear power as its main business and supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, has established a nuclear power production, engineering construction, technology research and development, and nuclear fuel supply guarantee system in line with international standards , With wind power, hydropower, solar energy and other renewable energy development systems and energy-saving technology systems, is the main force of China ¡¯s nuclear power development, the vanguard of renewable energy development, and an important force in the development of energy-saving emission reduction and nuclear technology application industries It is based on the ability to simultaneously construct and operate multiple nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, solar power and other clean energy projects across the country, across regions and at multiple bases.

      The requirements of high voltage capacitors for electronic irradiation (accelerator) equipment are quite high: due to limited space, the thickness of the product is required to be less than 25MM. At present, domestic accelerator companies represented by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group provide technology and product services through our research and development team!

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