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Axial Lead Type High Voltage Pulse Capacitor

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Product Name£º Axial Lead Type High Voltage Pulse Capacitor




axial lead capacitors are mainly used for high frequency pulse 
equipment and high voltage power supply:

High voltage power supply£¬
Pulse generator£¬
X-ray equipment£¬
Particle accelerator£¬
Plasma purification equipment
Electrostatic precipitator£¬
CO2 laser, etc.

Product characteristics£º

1£¬Withstand high frequency;

2£¬Strong ability of high voltage pulse;

3£¬Good temperature stability;

4£¬High temperature resistance resign£¬not easy to crack;

5£¬Standard mold for production£¬with short delivery cycle£»

6£¬Capacity accuracy 10%£»

7£¬It can be customized according to customer needs£»

AMAZING axial lead capacitors are made of ceramic N4700 material. 
If you need better ceramic material, such as NP0, please contact us.

N4700 and NP0 capacitance change vs temperature£º

Performance test£º

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