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High power microwave capacitor


Product Name£º High power microwave capacitor



Microwave ceramic capacitors are produced with NPO series ceramics which has excellent performance of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, temperature in the range of -50¡æ to +150¡æ, temperature change rate close to zero, and high frequency resistance. It works for a long time at a frequency close to 20MHZ. It must be the first choice for high frequency and high voltage series and capacity can be customized within a certain range.

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(1) During transportation and storage
• Do not transport or store where the capacitor will be exposed to high temperature or high humidity.
• Do not expose to poisonous gases such as H2SO4, HCL or HNO3.
• Avoid excessive impact such as that caused by falling.
(2) During operation
• Avoid contact with electrolytes such as perspiration. Do not touch with bare hands.
• Avoid excessive impact such as that caused by falling.
• Do not apply solder to stud terminals.
• Do not re-machine the terminals.
(3) Usage
• When the capacitor is used for high-speed pulses such as with a laser, make sure that the impressed voltage (peak-to-peak volt-age) is within the capacitor¡¯s rated specifications.
• Make sure that the capacitor is not exposed to radiant heat from cham

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