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30kV 10000pF Particle accelerator ceramic capacitor

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Product Name£º 30kV 10000pF Particle accelerator ceramic capacitor

Product Model£º MZCT8G-30KV-92DL-103K



Doorknob type high-voltage capacitors are mainly used for high frequency pulse 
equipment and high voltage power supply:

High voltage power supply£¬
Pulse generator£¬
X-ray equipment£¬
Particle accelerator£¬
Plasma purification equipment
Electrostatic precipitator£¬
CO2 laser, etc.

Product characteristics£º

1£¬Withstand high frequency;

2£¬Strong ability of high voltage pulse;

3£¬Good temperature stability;

4£¬High temperature resistance resign£¬not easy to crack;

5£¬Standard mold for production£¬with short delivery cycle£»

6£¬Capacity accuracy 10%£»

7£¬It can be customized according to customer needs£»

AMAZING doorknob type high-voltage capacitors are made of ceramic N4700 material. 
If you need better ceramic material, such as NP0, please contact us.

N4700 and NP0 capacitance change vs temperature£º



Alternative Japanese capacitors£º

AMAZING doorknob type high-voltage capacitor selection comparison table:

Japanese capacitor code of other materials£º

1. Japanese capacitor has two models of metric and British screw. AMAZING capacitor adopts metric screw,
    which can replace Japanese capacitors, If you need British screw, we can also make it.
2. AMAZING capacitors can meet the product performance of Japanese capacitor, and the size is the same.
3. If you need other type of bolt type high-voltage capacitor, wo can customize them.

Performance test£º

For more product information, please contact us.

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